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Overall Result Chart

The Weight Chart to the left (or above) presents the overall test results by the Author over a three month period from the end of September to the end of December 2015. Prior to the tests the author was using a product and managed to lose weight from 211 pounds to 205 pounds before this test started. When the B-OHB product was first used there was a noticeable drop of a few pounds but the weight stayed reasonably constant for over a month with about a 5 pound drop prior to starting exercising. After starting exercise (walking one hour a day), weight loss was twice the expected rate. Read the eBook for details. Red lines are missed measurement days.

Charts Below

The other charts provide more detail over the test period. The first chart details the starting weight and exercise start point. The second one shows cholesterol after a couple months. The reading was down over 100 points from the beginning. The remaining 4 charts show the correlation of weight, water, fat, and muscle over a month period.


The obvious increase of exercise helps you lose weight and improve health. Calorie consumption remained stable over the course of the test and changed weight when calories were increased. Though there was some loss with B-OHB alone, what was important was the author started to burn fat, started to produce ketones, and had less desire for sugars prior to starting exercise.

What was apparent was that weight loss was double what was expected during exercise by supplementing with B-OHB. Read the eBook for the author's explanation.

At the time of the test, little was known about Beta Hydroxybutyrate. Today it is widely available in stores. The author has since gained weight and is now starting the test over with "off the shelf" B-OHB products. Note: Preliminary results show you need about 8 grams of B-OHB a day which is way more than most product contain. The product generally needs a salt base for stability, so be careful about the dosage and fillers used.




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